Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter

THz electromagnetic pulse

Welcome to the group of Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter!

Our research efforts focus on the use of strong laser fields (in particular in the near-infrared and terahertz range) to manipulate quantum materials on ultrafast time scales. The response of these materials is probed with femtosecond lasers or femtosecond x-ray pulses generated at free electron lasers. Particular focus is dedicated to the investigation of spin and phonon dynamics in condensed matter.

Principal Investigator: Stefano Bonetti

Our article on Nonequilibrium sub–10 nm spin-wave soliton formation in FePt nanoparticles, published in Science Advances! We demonstrated, using ultrafast X-ray scattering at the European XFEL, that magnetic solitons can form and move in a granular magnetic film used for data storage, and that they strongly couple to the elastic motion of the particle.


Our article on Ultrafast electron dynamics in platinum and gold thin films driven by optical and terahertz fields, published in Applied Physics Letters. Selected as Featured article and for the Cover of Applied Physics Letters January 10th, 2022


Two back-to-back articles published in the Physical Review Letters, Ultrafast Amplification and Nonlinear Magnetoelastic Coupling of Coherent Magnon Modes in an Antiferromagnet and Optical Frequency Up-Conversion of the Ferromagnetic Resonance in an Ultrathin Garnet Mediated by Magnetoelastic Coupling We revealed the key role of the lattice, via magnetoelasticity, in the ultrafast spin dynamics of an antiferromagnet and of a ferrimagnet.

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